We Create Independent Software Product Solutions

We are an independent software architect company that focuses on creating high-quality (useful & practical) software solutions for various industries e.g. education, gaming, oil and gas, renewable energy, business and more.

Wireheads Interactive

We are a cooperation of various disciplines. Together we create various software solutions for various industries. All our products and solutions are self-funded.

Our Software Solutions

We don’t do work for hire, but we do want to help, create and sell product-driven software solutions together – as a partner.


Our goal is to visualise all the study skills in the world.


Combine Car Theory and Practical Driving Experience in-game.


A First Person Shooter Mafia Multiplayer Game Set in the 1940’s.


Caisson_VHM calculates offshore foundation caisson / mono piles capacity in undrained soils under VHM load sand and clay.

Calculate Jack-up rig leg penetration behaviour  including foundation calculation methods, e.g. squeezing for sand and clay calculations

We are always busy with innovation …

Connect with our team

Product CEO

Richard Francis Kay

As product CEO he is the driving force behind Wireheads with a strong focus on product development, sales and marketing. And he’s still a teacher (part-time)

Producer & PARTNER

Andre Cabral

Our Portuguese producer keeps everything and everybody on track and together they deliver the team effort with a warm heart and unstoppable stamina.


Rens Michielsen

A legal background and was a teacher once before. Also a fine and keen interested in spinning music records all day and all night long.

Engineer & Partner

Olivier Boeren

Creating difficult made easy. Wrote a thesis at college about multi-dimension calculations. Cool.

Senior Backend & Partner

Kevin Chang

Seasoned backend developer with high-profile cases projects. Writes SQL queries like poetry.

Frontend Engineer & Partner


Our Turkish friend wizard in Python – always friendly – and always willing to help out with interfaces and api’s.

Development Ninja & Partner

Hanh Ngo

Our Vietnamese development Ninja with a business background and critical thinking and keeper of Ubit (an animal)

Data Entry Wizard

Xander Betke

This guy actually loves data entry – which is the new Feng Shui – besides his love for video editing and laughs.

Development Engineer & Partner

Maikel Janssen

Critical thinker, not afraid to look and dive into new tech. Structured and has experience in game and app development.

3D Master & Partner

Guus vd Heide

Love for 3D in general including texturing and animation.He also has special ‘sound effect’ skills such as impersonating a trumpet or barking dog.

Senior Game Designer & Partner

Rick van Ginkel

Looking for laughs and improve your game design, gameplay game mechanism … this is your guy. Genuine game director you are looking for.

Senior Backend Developer & Partner

Ge Vissers

Created Quantum computers and developed software for air traffic control centers … has a love for old skool (text-based) games.

3D Animator & Partner

Jord van den Berg

A master of animation and skeleton rigs and can do all kinds of voice acting gigs.

Looking For A Job?

Could be you?

We are always on the look out and interested in talent … if you want to join our family and become a partner, give us a ring.

What Are We About?

Our Mission and Vision

We run our business as a family and the people involved are a made partner who will share in the development, cost and profit.

We strive to create high quality software-driven solutions for upcoming markets or markets that need a practical enhancement to make ‘things’ easier … 


For any inquiries please email